Personal Trainers

Meet our Personal Trainers

kent2016-webKent Kreinberg

Kent is a certified Personal Trainer through ISSA and has been training at the YMCA for 10 years. His biggest accomplishment is taking a client with very low mobility and motivation and helping him flourish into a high energy young adult who loves to work out and has seen huge gains in both strength and endurance. Kent is also a Boot Camp instructor and has been leading classes for over 12 years and teaches an indoor “workout with Kent” class during the winter months.

Kylie Bliven

Kylie gained a passion for personal fitness and completed her Personal Training Certification through NASM in March 2017. She is also certified in NETA Pilates Mat and ActivMotion Bar. She also completed her NASM Women’s Fitness Specialization for women of all ages, puberty, pre/post natal, pre/post menopausal, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and arthritis. She enjoys teaching TRX Suspension and Cycling while providing modifications for every fitness level. She enjoys working with all fitness levels and knows that flexibility is just as important as strength training. Body awareness and mobility is something Kylie wishes to instill in and teach every client.


Sherry Clingingsmith

Sherry is a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through ACE and has been training at the YMCA since 2013. She is also a certified ZUMBA, ZumbaGOLD and Zumbatomic instructor. Her biggest accomplishment is seeing her client’s everyday activities getting easier for them and hearing the excitement in their voice when they accomplish goals. Sherry also teaches group fitness classes; Fit Beginnings and Noon Yoga.

Jessica Webster

Jessica became certified in October of 2016 through ACE. She has been working with participants in the YMCA’s Strength for Survivor program since early 2016. She became a personal trainer because she wanted to live a healthy lifestyle and loves the process that it takes to help people reach their goals. Working with cancer survivors it’s very rewarding to help them work through their day to day challenges and to go beyond the goals that they’ve set for themselves. Jessica chose to work at the Y because she’s been a member of the Y for over ten years. There is always a program or class that challenges your mind and body.

Cole Nelson

Cole graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in Exercise Science in May 2017.  After completing his internship with the YMCA in April, Cole joined the staff as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach and Rock Steady Boxing Coach. Cole chose the YMCA because he grew up around the Y and loves the environment, he can help many types of people succeed and meet their goals.


Riley Giesing

Riley became certified in November of 2017 through ASCM. He enjoys running, boxing and being outside whenever possible. His biggest achievement is helping a client increase his mobility and run the fastest he’s ran in 15 years. Riley became a trainer to help others reach their goals so they can live and lead a happier healthier life.


Kirkland Burton

Kirkland currently studies Exercise Science at Quincy University and recently completed his career as a Quincy University Football Player. He enjoys working with people from all walks of life. His goal as a YMCA Personal Trainer is to use his understanding of the human body to make all of his clients goals a reality.


Amanda Bunch

Amanda joined the YMCA staff team in October 2017.  She went through a few life altering situations where she was unhappy with herself and how she felt about herself, so she jumped head first into CrossFit!  Amanda was loving the results but wanted to build more muscle mass so she began body building. She loves putting in hard work and seeing results. Amanda’s passion for fitness comes from wanting to help people. It took her a long time to learn the things she has about fitness, and she wanted to pass that along.  She wants to help people gain back their self-confidence, just as she did. She wants to encourage people through the tough stuff and celebrate the results with them.

brad-webBrad Longcor

Brad earned his personal training certification from the National Personal Training Institute of Chicago (NPTI) and has been training for 4 years. He is also a Certified Level 1 FMS Specialist. Brad enjoys working with athletes and helps with the basketball program at Quincy High. His biggest accomplishment as a trainer is helping a client see their self-worth and begin making amazing lifestyle changes for the better.