Adult Sports


Sports are not just for kids!

We believe that even adults should have time to play and stay healthy. Y Sports Leagues are the perfect place to meet new people, try something different, stay healthy, and show off your skills. We offer dedicated facility time for basketball and racquetball.


Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. right now! Here at the YMCA we encourage adults to be more active and get involved. We provide 3 courts, 3 nets, time slots for just pickleball, and pickleball paddles for anyone to use, just ask the front desk!

During the cold months we have a pickleball morning crew that comes in around 6:30AM – 8:30/9:30AM, sometimes even noon! This is not a league but more of a recreation base and anyone is welcome. Our Pickleballers are very engaging and welcoming to beginners and advance players!

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Wallyball is a fast-paced sport that is similar to volleyball played in a Raquetball court, where it is legal to hit the ball off the walls. Monday nights are a big wallyball night for the YMCA. Come check it out! 

Adult Dodgeball

  • We are excited to add another adult sport to the mix! Dodgeball!
  • 8v8
  • 10 team rosters
  • Your team can consist of coed, all women’s, or men’s teams
Dodgeball flyer

Adult Men’s 4v4 Volleyball league

The YMCA is excited to add Men’s 4 v 4 Indoor Power League. Games will be held on Thursday’s starting at 5:30PM. Season will run 10 weeks.

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Adult Women’s Volleyball 

Fall, Winter & Spring sessions

  • Power plays on Monday night
  • Rec plays on Tuesday nights
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