Y Toddler Gym

Physical activity supports your child’s healthy development, strengthens bones & muscles, and allows the simplicity of leisure play.

Whether it’s walking, running, jumping, climbing, throwing a ball, dancing, or pulling a toy around, Play is one of the main ways that children learn, develop and grow.

Play is good for all areas of your toddler’s development, including their motor skills development.

Playing with your toddler each day helps them move and strengthen their muscles and bones. It’s also good for your toddler’s confidence, as they test their abilities and discover that they can climb higher, run faster and jump further all the time.

And when your toddler gets plenty of physical activity into their day through play, it’s good for their overall health and wellbeing.

Y Toddler Gym Information

When: Thursdays
Time: 9:30AM-11:30AM
Where: Quincy Family YMCA Gym
Cost: $5 Monthly registration fee!

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Things we ask from parents when attending toddler gym

Parents who are non-members must stay with the child the entire time during toddler gym hours. Members may drop their child off at toddler gym but must pay the fee and inform our nursery staff!

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