Personal Training Testimonials

“Sherry and I have trained together for over 4 years. The results of this has been very beneficial for myself. Specifically my flexibility and strength have improved greatly. I attribute this to Sherry’s patients, professionalism, and expertise. Sherry monitors my progress and adjusts sessions accordingly.” – Jim

“I’m 44 and a grandmother of 2 beautiful granddaughters. I work out to stay in shape so when I’m 80 I can still play with my grandchildren!  Maggie is an amazing trainer!! I have worked out for years but wasn’t always sure if my form was correct, so I contacted Maggie about being my personal trainer…best decision of my life!! She had a workout ready each time we met, she held me accountable and encouraged me. Maggie corrected my form where it needed and also was my biggest cheerleader to have me strive for more!! When you get older, weight is harder to keep off as your metabolism slows…working out with keep those extra pounds off!” – Christine

“As a mom of two babies I found myself struggling to love my post partum body. I spent two years trying to figure out what kind of “working out” was for me. Running? At home work outs? Or…the YMCA? I tossed the thought around with my husband for quite awhile then one day I said enough! I need a trainer to hold me accountable and teach me how to take care of myself and my husband agreed. I searched the website and thought Maggie seemed like the perfect fit- I was right! Maggie spends so much time with me not only physically but also helping me through mental battles on every possible topic. Food, water intake, work outs, sleep, and just taking care of myself in general. Before I met Maggie I was horrified of the weight room and had anxiety about working out in a public place. I didn’t know how to best nourish my body through food and was living on coffee and chocolate. Most moms are, haha! She has eased those fears by teaching me the things I need to know to be successful in the gym AND in the kitchen. I get a free coffee and chocolate pass occasionally too. This decision has been life changing for me and I wish it wouldn’t have taken me so long to dive in!” – Jordan

“Sherry has been my trainer twice in the last five years. I have come to her for help after extended hospital stays. As I got some strength back I realized I needed help with my balance, flexibility and improving my stamina while walking, standing and moving. Sherry has been wonderful in knowing what I need to do to improve without hurting. We also work together making decisions about how we should proceed. Each session is a very positive experience and I always look forward to working with her.” – Mary