Youth Fitness

Youth Weight Training

The Youth Weight Training Program is a 6-week program designed to teach youth ages 11-14 the way to safely use machine weights, free weights, and cardio equipment and build a proper workout. The class teaches a proper warm-up, cool down, introduces the participants to the machine weights, teaches proper form of basic free weight exercises as well as how to safely use the cardio equipment and stretch machines.

After successful completion participants ages 11-14 are allowed access to the 14 and up areas (Free Weight Room and Wellness Center). Successful completion – attend classes, show they can behave and adhere to rules in the workout areas and pass a test. Participants who meet these requirements will be given a youth orientation card they must carry with them when they use the Wellness Center, Free Weight Room, or Group Fitness Classes.  The session is limited to 8 participants.

Tuesday and Thursday 4-4:45pm

Winter: January 11 – February 17

Spring I: March 8 – April 14

Spring II: May 3 – June 9

Fee: $40 for Y Members, $65 for Non-Members


Halyard ’44 Boxing Club

The club will teach the fundamentals of boxing, including proper stance, punches, timing and agility as well as how to properly defend yourself.  This exclusive class is taught by well-trained coaches.  Please bring your own gloves.

6-7:30 p.m. 

ROCKY Package:
Access to 1 class per week.
Members $38, Non-Members $78

CANELO Package:
Access to 2 classes per week.
Members $70, Non-Members $150

TYSON Package:
Access to 3 classes per week.
Members $100, Non-Members $220

ALI Package:
Access to 4 classes per week.
Members $125, Non-Members $285

Must be enrolled in the ALI or TYSON package and approved by Halyard ’44 coach to participate in Competitive Boxing.

Register online here.


Tween Time

Youth between the ages of 8-13 will be allowed access to cardio equipment in the Wellness Center on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during set time frames.  Youth MUST be on adjacent cardio equipment to parent/guardian.  We ask that all first time youth set up an appointment to meet with Wellness Center staff prior to using the equipment so that they can be properly introduced to equipment and have a familiar face for future questions.

Thursday & Friday: 4-7 p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m.-12 p.m.


Home School Swim & Gym

This 6 week program provides physical education classes for children participating in Home School Education in grades K-9. Participants will participate in age appropriate activities that include fitness, fundamental and sport specific skills, including swimming. A two hour class will consist of a warm-up, mobility, fitness activities, sport/game, swim, cool-down and stretch.

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