Youth Performance Program

A program where youth can build a solid foundation in a fun, supportive environment that develops complete and holistic body control and agility through working with a wide variety of movements while drastically reducing the risks of injury.  The more movement patterns we expose an adolescent to early on, the better control and coordination of all movements the child will have later in life.  Proper technique and fundamental progression will help individuals achieve greater success in the fitness arena. Training will be led by Brad Longcor, Personal Trainer and offer these options:

Functional Training: 4 Week Session, 8-12 year olds, T/Th 3:15-4:00pm

In functional training, muscle are trained and developed in a way that makes everyday activities easier, smoother, safer and more efficient.  Training time must bridge the gap between workout and quality of life.  Body weight activities focusing on proper movement patterns will help in injury prevention as well as laying foundation for development of speed, strength, power, coordination, balance and flexibility.
Cost: $35 Member; $60 Non-Member

Agility Training: 4 Week Session, 10-15 year olds, T/Th 4:15-5:00pm

Improve balance, stability, proprioceptive activity and motor control while building on the movement patterns in Functional Training.  Change of direction, advanced footwork and plyometrics designed to enhance explosiveness. With a system of progressive exercises and instruction all aimed at developing fundamental motor ability to enhance capability of individual to be more skillful at faster speeds with greater precision.
Cost: $45 Member; $70 Non-Member

Strength and Agility: 4 Week Session, 13-16 year olds, M/W 3:15-4:00pm

At the Strength and Agility level the individual will continue to build on the foundation of functional training and agility training while adding in components of resistance/weighted exercises.  With a special emphasis on proper technique and safety individuals will begin performing exercises to increase muscle strength and endurance.
Cost: $55 Member; $80 Non-Member

Peak Performance: 4 Week Session, 15+ year olds, M/W 4:15-5:00pm

Training is geared toward more sport/individual specific needs.  As the individual has progressed through the Youth Performance Program staff have been able to evaluate and see strengths and weaknesses that need attention to push youth to next level.  Smaller group setting allows for even more individualized training.
Cost: $64 Member; $90 Non-Member

**Any youth 10 and up can be put through a FREE screening, by appointment, to assess level of ability and proper placement in the program.

*Individual Personal Training is available with the Youth Performance Coach if class times don’t work with schedule of the individual.  See Personal Training for details on pricing information.