Personal Training

Make this your strongest year ever by investing in your health! Our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers can create an exercise program specifically designed to help achieve your health goals.

Let our personal trainers help you set and meet your unique fitness goals on a budget that works for you. Our trainers are nationally certified and make fitness fun! Whether it’s losing weight, toning up, building muscle, increasing stamina or preparing for an event, Y personal trainers will help you succeed and live healthier!


Single Participant:
1-5 sessions: $32/session, non-member $47
6-10 sessions: $30/session, non-member $45
11+ sessions: $27/session, non-member $42

Partner/Dual Participant:

1 session: $45/session, non-member $60
2-10 sessions: $40/session, non-member $55
11+ sessions: $35/sessions, non-member $50

Small Group Training

Group Personal Training is a great way to get the personalized attention you need while sharing in the fun and motivation of getting fit with your friends at an affordable price. Under the guidance of a certified personal trainer, you’ll take part in customized training sessions that are fun and challenging.

Small Group Rates

4 Person Session $48
5 Person Session $60
6 Person Session $72

Meet our Personal Trainers

marcheta2016-webMarcheta Brecht

Marcheta is a certified Personal Trainer through AFAA and has been training since 2003. Her biggest accomplishment as a trainer is having a mature client consistently train week in and week out for over a decade from the day she started training. Marcheta has attended numerous conferences and trainings including; Reebok fitness conferences, PowerYoga trainings, YMCA Group Exercise, Kettlebell Pump, Core Training Anatomy, Indo-Row, Inspire Women to Fitness, Equal But Not the Same and Older Adult Certifications.

kent2016-webKent Kreinberg

Kent is a certified Personal Trainer through ISSA and has been training at the YMCA for 10 years. His biggest accomplishment is taking a client with very low mobility and motivation and helping him flourish into a high energy young adult who loves to work out and has seen huge gains in both strength and endurance. Kent is also a Boot Camp instructor and has been leading classes for over 12 years and teaches an indoor “workout with Kent” class during the winter months.


Sherry Clingingsmith

Sherry is a certified Personal Trainer through ACE and has been training at the YMCA for 3 years. She is also a certified ZUMBA, ZumbaGOLD and Zumbatomic instructor. Her biggest accomplishment is seeing her client’s everyday activities getting easier for them and hearing the excitement in their voice when they accomplish goals. Sherry also teaches group fitness classes; Fit Beginnings and Noon Yoga.

tanner-webTanner Plunk

Tanner is a certified Personal Trainer through NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) in Tampa, Florida. His course load covered; Strength Training Program Design, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition, Cardio Respiratory Fitness, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Emergency Procedures & Injury Rehab and Health Screening & Assessment. He has been with the YMCA since January of 2016 and his biggest accomplishment as a trainer is having an impact on over-weight people in his life, teaching them how to train and eat properly; getting those into the gym who haven’t been in the gym; watching people who went from playing video games all day to showing up at the gym and talking to people in real life.

dawn-webDawn Fleer

Dawn is a certified Personal Trainer through AFAA and a Resistance Training Specialist through NFPT. Dawn also holds certifications in Body Pump, CX Worx and Body Combat.  She has been training since 2009 and says that her biggest accomplishments are being able to create steps for total life change in her clients and helping one client lose over 100 lbs!


brad-webBrad Longcor

Brad earned his personal training certification from the National Personal Training Institute of Chicago (NPTI) and has been training for 4 years.  Brad enjoys working with athletes and helps with the basketball program at Quincy High. His biggest accomplishment as a trainer is helping a client see their self-worth and begin making amazing lifestyle changes for the better.


maggie-webMaggie Bowles

Maggie earned her Personal Training certification through NASM and has been training clients for a year. She enjoys strength training and seeing the physical changes in the body over time. Her biggest accomplishment is helping her father lose 47 lbs and bring his blood pressure levels back to normal, something that hasn’t happened in over 6 years.