Fit For Fall Challenge

Starts September 11
• 6 Week Challenge
• Completed at home or the gym
• Week 1: Learn how to take circumference measurements, find starting weight and report numbers
• Weeks 2-6: Receive weekly challenges
• Facebook Group: To stay connected, post questions, and be interactive with other group members
• Individual with the most inches lost at the waist, wins FREE entry into next challenge
• Weekly Wins: Chosen based on strength gains, Facebook interaction, most motivational, biggest success, most shares, etc.
Ends October 20

I invite you on a journey to wellness. Life can be hard, stressful, fun, unexpected, crazy and awesome so why waste another moment. Join me on this 6 week journey where you will explore strength training, try out that foam roller that you see in the corner of the gym and see how you can turn random situations into an opportunity to get a workout in if you really want to see change.
– Johanna Voss, Wellness Director

Cost: $10 Members | $25 Non-Members